Monday, November 30, 2009


Kalau adil itu maknanya 
meletakkan sesuatu pada tempatnya.

Makanya bergurau itu pun biarlah kena pada tempatnya.

Kadang-kadang kita tak sedar. 
Kita ingat kita bergurau. 
Kita ingat orang yang dengar suka.
Kita tak tau dia sebenarnya terluka. 

Eh kan gurau je :)
Tapi kalau melampaui batasan kadang-kadang 
boleh rasa macam nak sepak je tukang gurau tu.
Ye tak?
Luar muka senyum.
Dalam hati " %9#^$%* "
(tak sesuai untuk bacaan umum)

Kadang-kadang tidak berkata-kata itu 
sememangnya lebih baik.
Mungkin tidak membuatkan kita disukai ramai orang.
Tapi sekurang-kurangnya tidak menyakiti hati orang.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Based On A True Story

My colleague told me on a fine breezing Monday afternoon.
" Tengok sharedoc ada sebutharga baru keluar dalam e-perolehan dah download" 

I do take note but trust me, i was so damn occupied with my work that i hardly ignore my lunch time (but still can spend 5 minutes to play facebook game). So literally, i forgot.

The basic rules bila sebutharga keluar, i must print out and read all the syarat-syarat, make a call ke tempat yang keluarkan sebutharga and proceed with the project.

On Tuesday morning, still busy, busy sampai la around 11am i dah free sikit, baru teringat pasal sebutharga tu. So i pun bukak and baca syarat-syarat tu. Tiba-tiba.......ada 1 ayat ni caught my attention.

"Pembekal diwajibkan menghadiri taklimat pada hari Selasa, 24 November, Jam 10 pagi di *******, Putrajaya" 

Oh my God. OH MY GOD. I was stunned. Terus i was like sreaming hari ni berapa haribulan weyy?? (see i was so engrossed in my work that i dont even remember the date, haha)

So, as bad as i had to put it, the date was 24th. Since its nearly 12pm, there'll be no way i can make it to the meeting (i was in JB) and it was even too late for me to assign somebody else (the staff) in KL to attend it.

So bad. Feel like banging my head right to my desk. Or maybe i can just...errr...disappear from the office???
(tiba-tiba teringat novel sophie kinsella the undomestic goddess)

You see, how a very simple mistake, 
can cause you so much troubles.
And please trust me, i'm not like this. 

So, guess there's nothing i can do.
I was guilty as charged.

But i braved myself to make 1 phone call to Putrajaya.
Nak pura-pura tanya kalau tak datang taklimat 
boleh masuk lagi tak sebutharga?
Konon-konon tanya macam eh saya baru dapat tahu 
hari ni ada taklimat.
Dalam hati "matilah aku kena maki ni kang"
Nak menjawab pada bos will be 
another completely different story yer.

So back to the phone call, 
nak tau ape jawapan pegawai tu?
"Cik sebenarnya sebutharga dan taklimat tu 
dah dibatalkan kerana ada masalah tertentu"
Macam nak menangis jawab terima kasih.

Moral of the story?
Lu pikir la sendiri.


At the end of the day i guess all of us 
pernah ada bad experience(s) at work kan?

Monday, November 23, 2009

glorious food @ Shanghai (final leg)

Entry ni khas pasal makanan jek masa kat china hari tu since somebody asked me how did we get Muslim foods. I'm not a fan of chinese food. I mean sekali-sekala boleh la. Before went to Shanghai, we were a little worried pasal makanan. Though we took a Muslim package (should mean halal food been provided throughout the vacation), tapi mana la tau kan makanan tak memenuhi selera ke hape. And on the 1st nite proved our theory when the tourist guide brought us to this one restaurant and he even ordered for us. So we were served:

I cant remember the meal's name. And the taste. I mean its like, so tasteless. I'd rather eat the asam laksa maggi (luckily we were prepared). Then i asked my dad whether we can order buttered prawn (fuh selera bukan main) but since my dad risau tak sedap he ordered udang masak lada instead. And it turned out to be like this:

I was stunned at the table actually. Cuba enlargekan pic tu and definitely you know what i mean. This is more like, anak udang to me? The 'udang' is so small that i can barely taste anything out of it. Then the guide mentioned to us that in China its a little bit hard to find seafood. Owh no wonder.

As for the 2nd day and days after, it turns out to be better. I began to enjoy my chinese meal. And yeah i snap pics also. But please be aware that though i can vividly remember the delicious taste, i'm bad at remembering the food's name. So i will just hentam je nama-nama food eh. Enjoice :)

Daging goreng

Ikan blabla masal kicap berlada

Sayur goreng

Chicken curry. Chinese curry is a bit different from ours.
 The taste is kind of light and not so berlemak.
Tapi serius sedap.


Kambing + udang goreng. Thank God saiz udang dah besar sikit.
And i suka la kambing potong kecik-kecik camtu.

Sup sayur. You know what, we are not even sure what sayur it is but i really like this soup coz ada rasa macam makan shark fin tapi campur sayur. Nice.

Sate kambing.
Sate ni a must have meal sepanjang kitorang kat China.
Boleh kata setiap restaurant pun ada jual.
The price is lebih kurang rm2 satu cucuk.
Owh sangat delicious and juicy.

Roti ape ntah. Tapi sedap. Makan begitu saje.

Daging cincang dengan kulit popia.
Kena gulung sendiri okey.

Bowl ni adalah sangat comel dengan kuantiti nasi yang sangat sikit
dan makan guna chopstick asyik jatuh jek :(

Its known for chinese to serve tea in every meal.

While me choose to enjoy my pepsi :)

Actually dalam banyak-banyak muslim restaurants di Shanghai, got one this particular restaurant yang we all kerap makan situ. Yershari Restaurant. Go find it if you plan to visit Shanghai. Restoran ni ada banyak cawangan jugak. Nice, clean, well-lit place. Can get really crowded during lunch time. The menu has english translations and the dishes got pictures some more. Mind you, we have been to this one small restaurant where the menu is just a list of food's name in chinese! Ordering can be really tough that way. And as for the price, urmm...not to say cheap but i think its reasonable lah. Be prepared to spent around RM 15-30 for each person.

Pose kenyang depan restaurant

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Have you ever be in a situation when you really really badly want something in your life?

When you so deadly wish it could happen. It MUST happen to you. Errr..good things are bound to happen to good people, am i right?

And man, you fight for it. Yes, i'm fighting right now. I will bring all the army with me if i could. Except that, well i have none. 

I always have the idea of myself being a very determine type of person. Lots of people didnt even know what they want in their life. I'm not like that. Kalau Tuhan pun kata kita boleh berusaha mengubah nasib kita. Hey, we can twist the destiny. Turn it to something even better than what it already is. Do whatever you can to work it out. And dont forget, pray hard to Allah. Phew, it sounds much easier than practically in reality. 

Either i'm dead. Or that is so going to happen.

Can this be my destiny?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The reason...

1. As you know i'm kind of having trouble with my prev blog. Macam2 la. Sekejap masalah follower gadget, sekejap template, sekejap posting.Who said blogging is easy? Damn. I spent most of my time googling how to fix my blog's problem rather than writing for my blog itself. Seriously, its really tiring. And if the same problem occurs to my new blog again, maybe i'll just quit blogging (then beli buku nota 5 hinggit buat menulis hari2). Haha. Easily give up kan.Tapi just imagine of all solutions given to me semua cakap bahasa orang IT. haha. Sorry, i dont get it. I mean blogging supposed to be simple and easy kannn??Takpelah, i menulis i pun yang baca. And owh, i'm not writing to please you people. But will try my best not to offend anybody.   

2. The old URL is kind of bothering me. And of course i would love something that resembles me more. At first, i think of named this blog something like ummulkhair.blogspot or even (amik ko, full name dah tu) but then i also famously known as omey. So my nickname will do. For now lah. Entah esok lusa meroyan lagi nak tukar taktau la.

3. Before this, i really obsessed with the idea of privatizing my blog. My blog for myself. Yeah. There's so many things i want to write, i wish i could write. But you know, maybe public blog is not the best idea. Tak, i bukan nak tulis pasal politik or pasal krisis MCA skang. Apetah lagi pasal gossip artis yang tidak ada kena mengena dengan hidup i.I just want to write more about myself (kes obses dengan diri sendiri, tskk). To share my feelings (cehh). Tapi kalau dah privatize nak share dengan sape ek? Cuma sometimes i'm a bit scared if i crossed the limits. Maybe i blurt out something in this blog that i shouldnt. Forgive me if i did so. Mungkin i memang sengaja *evil*. 

4. But anyways, as long as i enjoy writing and you enjoy reading or i just syok sendiri menulis and you found out that's really annoying (either way lah), takpe i tetap akan menulis. Blogging is kind of mental therapy to me. A good one. Whenever i'm feeling down, or the going gets tough, i'll write something to ease my mind. 

so lets get started everybody!!!
(start what?? damn i dunno)

ok tu jelah.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Dah pindah..heheh...still adjusting tho.
Glad the URL still available.  
Rasa macam nak blogging setiap jam hari-hari.
So marilah kita sama-sama melupakan yang lama dan menumpukan pada yang baru. Sepenuh jiwa.
Benda yang dah lepas jangan dikenang lagi. 
Yes, i'm referring to my blog. 

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nak Pindah

I'm thinking of changing my blog URL. Nak buat rumah baru boleh tak.Macam bosan la kat sini. Hehe. Motif? But i'm seriously wanna do it. Soon. Either i nak export my whole blog ni ke rumah baru i or i just start new and fresh somewhere else. Heh melampau kan orang lain bertahun blogging takde nak tukar-tukar. Tapi ni blog i yang punye bukan orang lain kan. And as my main purpose of blogging is just purely for fun writing craps, now i really in the mood of changing to a new house. Lagipun i nak carik nama lain la for my house. Another reason is my follower gadget yang taknak function. Yeah, its not the best way to solve problems but since i ada 2 reason untuk tukar.

Why not kan?

pikir nama baru nih

Sunday, November 15, 2009

listening to......

Taylor Swift: You're Not Sorry lyrics  

A very deep and meaningful song. Sometimes, you just lost your faith on somebody. Like     you had enough.Chance after chance given. And all you get back is just dissappointment.

Kelly Clarkson: Already Gone 

*sob* Sedih.

B.E.P: Meet Me Halfway

I want you so bad. Meet me halfway, right at the borderline *grin*

Lady Gaga: Paparazzi

I'm not her biggest fan tho.

Mariah Carey: Hate You

She sings this beatifully.

Ada banyak lagi sebenarnya. But i just list out 5 sebab malas. I appreciate songs with good lyrics. Lagu-lagu theme 'dance' pun i dengar jugak but my fav would be slow song la. I dont have any fav artist. Nobody in particular. Asal lagu sedap semua i dengar. Malay songs also. Lagu indon pun. Lagu bollywood pun (walaupun yg tau cuma kuch kuch hota hai). Truth is, lately i sangat jarang dengar radio or tengok tv. Tengok wayang, seems like ages dah tak pegi tengok. Reason why i never blog about movie review. Nak blog hape kalu pegi wayang pun tak kan. beli dvd pirate jek.  Kalau ada lagi lagu sedap2 boleh suggestkan. I nak download semua and compilekan then boleh burn CD. (Cara-cara nak menjimatkan duit). Masa-masa camni lah terpikir bestnya kalau ada ipod,

Now i can get it at price around 1.2k. I tried my brother's and found out other applications that i love also. Contoh, err.. the games?? But nevermind. Think i'll just let this pass. okay omey, be a good girl and save your ass money. Masukkan dalam ASB minggu ni jugak. heh.

On a side note, i hope today (monday) will be a good start for this week.

Happy working everybody :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

You just need less than hundred to fly to Bandung

I bet everybody knows AirAsia tengah buat promotion skang. TEMPAT DUDUK PERCUMA. Just choose your destination. The good news this promotion still going on till 15 Nov while the bad news your chances untuk dapat tiket free adalah dah kurang since everybody just booked their tickets. They're receiving overwhelming response due to this free seats promotion. And yes their website bukan lembab sikit tapi lembab banyak.  So sila bersabar bila nak book ticket.

Actually my parents buat program untuk bercuti bersama family belah my mum. My atuk nenek pakcik makcik saudara. I takde plan pun nak ikut actually but when my mum said they're planning to go to Bandung, oh my terus mintak masukkan nama dalam list :). There are 14 of us ok! I've been to Bandung once in 2007. Then every year ulang2 pegi Jakarta je. So i list out kan perkara menarik yang i suka pasal Bandung (pls dont expect either air sirap bandung or mee bandung in the list)

1. Pasar Baru

Trust me, this is the place where women go crazy. More like Tanah Abang in Jakarta actually but some said the price here is cheaper and more variety of choice. Tapi kan one thing about Shopping di Indonesia ni, the price kannnnnn...memang sangat2 murah..dah la dalam purse ada juta2..eleh setakat baju kebaya harga dua ratus ribu tu..hehehe...definitely you akan teruja. And pada pandangan i lah, i like the fashion and style there. Semuanya pun style busana muslimah. You know, nak carik long sleeve blouse yang tak singkat sangat and most importantly ada sense of fashion. Dapat harga murah lagi. A very good bargain. Takpun nak cari kain pasang yang cantik untuk buat baju kurung. Kain lace pun banyak dan harga sangat berpatutan. Tapi i lebih suka cari batik or sulam. Yelah takkan nak pakai baju lace pegi keje pulak kan.

2. The factory outlet

Ohhh..i looovvveee this...One privilege in bandung and kat Jakarta takde. I penah pegi satu area tu pusing kiri kanan depan belakang semua factory outlet. Kalau kat pasar baru mungkin clothing untuk orang laki tak banyak sangat, the guys can shopping kat factory outlet. Branded stuff sells at cheaper price. One more kan, barang2 branded, i mean the original one yer kalu kat Jakarta/ Bandung the price memang a bit lower compared to Malaysia. lagi pulak time kalau currency diorang memang jatuh. I takdelah beli ape sangat tapi antaranya penah beli Jam Bonia as an example, memang price wise.

3.  The glorious food

Cerita lain selain shopping, kalu kat Jakarta/ Bandung, i also looovvvvveee their food. Kalau duduk lama2 serius boleh menggemukkan tau. The nasi padang cuisine oh my. Some more ada 1 dish ni otak sapi masak lemak pun i pandai makan..hehehe..And not forgetten my favourite pisang salai. Ada jual banyak kat Bandung tapi Jakarta susah sikit nak cari. Some sort like snack yang rangup made of pisang. Its not like the version of pisang salai kat Malaysia. Lagi sedap. Mesti nampak orang jual kalu pegi Bandung. A must-have. Pls try and i'm sure you gonna love it.

That's all i can think of for now. Cant wait for the trip.Kalau belum pernah pegi boleh masuk web AirAsia and book ticket sekarang. Eh anyway kalau rasa tak class naik AirAsia boleh pegi kat MAS :) I tengah pikir plan nak bercuti dengan girlfriends. Cuma taktau destinasi ke mana. Taknak pegi jauh2 sangat and nak pegi tempat yang i belum penah pegi.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

smile :)

Had my 3rd appointment with the orthodontist last Monday. Yeah changing the rubber colour again. I chose grey this time and like it very much. Nothing much to update. People around me dah mula notice that my teeth dah mula tersusun cantik. Suka. Well, in the 1st place thats why i decided to wear it, isnt it? Even sometimes i admit i dah start rasa rimas dengan benda ni. Actually bukan rimas pasal ada braces dalam gigi ke ape tapi masalah each time after i had my meal tak kisah la walau cuma makan donut sebiji je pun, tetap kena spend masa bersihkan gigi dulu. But the good part is takdelah nak mengunyah sepanjang masa. No choice pun still have to bear with it. And, oh yes i had another 1 year and 3 months to endure. Then i will be smiling beautifully all the time :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Lots of things happened sejak kebelakangan ni. Alhamdulillah masih diberi kekuatan untuk teruskan kehidupan even i must admit, the past few weeks is one of the toughest moment i had to face in my life. huhhh..i survived that anyway..but i know, lots more to come.Nevermind, let it be.

One thing that irritates me is this blog. I dont know why but before this my sidebar all shifted to the bottom of my blog. All the gadgets there. Oh my, i had to spend lots of time googling on how to fix it and finally came up with a solution. And also for those who linked me, you might notice there's no more update on my recent post. I really dont know how to fix it. Tried some solutions given but to no avail. Fine lah. But anybody experienced this problems before please let me know. Cant believe out of every misery i'm facing right now even my own blog did not want to be on good terms with me.

Another thing is, i received this 'love letter' adressed specially to me. Guess what? i bukan tak bayar tau pinjaman tu. Some more i tak dapat pinjaman penuh pun. Half jek. Tapi maybe i start bayar lewat so ada la tunggakan. And this letter sounds serious as if i fail to clear the debt of amount stated i will be restrained from going oversea. I heard it before cases some people ditahan kat imigrisen coz tak bayar hutang PTPTN but thought that maybe that for case yang dah lama abis study tapi tak pernah bayar satu sen pun. In my case, i baru few years habis study and some more i dah mula bayar pun consistantly and i even pay more than the actual amount i should pay every month. The letter said i ada lagi tunggakan RM 1,240.58 so no fuss there. I went straight to BSN yesterday and settled the amount.

Ok PTPTN, puas hati tak? Thanks for the reminder. I've done my responsibility to pay back the loan accordingly. Time kat kaunter BSN nak bayar tu boleh pulak staf tu tanya 'ni kenapa nak bayar PTPTN banyak sangat ni?' hehehh..ingat ape? But anyway lega sangat benda tu dah selesai.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Have you ever been in situation when you feel like carrying a burden to yourself. Senang cerita, you ada masalah. A real problem that put tears in your eyes, that makes u can hardly sleep at nights. I think i'm good at keep things to myself. But when its getting tougher, when its really really really torturing me, i know i had to turn to someone. Actually i did so before and soon after realized it was a BIG MISTAKE to trust that person. To confide my stories to that person is something that i shouldnt do. I tak cakap that person tu jahat. Maybe she's just trying to help but with that kind of 'help' she's offering? sorry dear i learned my lesson. Dont trust anybody easily. Not even your makcik-makcik sedara, kawan rapat, kekasih hati because at the end of the day, when you're in deep trouble, trust me, u cuma ada diri you dan Tuhan saja yang mengetahui segala isi hati you. Dont waste your time trying very hard to explain to others. Trust me, you'll end up looking more complicated than you ever be before. The best i can is mengadu pada Allah. Of course i did so. I had nobody to turn to afterall.


I must confess.

Somehow i feel the urge to talk to somebody.

Somebody, not anybody.

I need a shoulder to cry on.

Ears to borrow.

Somebody that will listen, NOT Judging.

but, to whom??????

Shopping @ Shanghai

1 obvious reason why we choose China as our 4 members of family vacation destination is because oftentimes we heard people been saying China is a shopping paradise. Tak caya pegi la tengok barang2 jual mostly made in China so mestilah kat sana lagi murah konon2nya kann. So to speak enthusiastically i ready tukar duit and pinned highly hope untuk bershopping sakan. 

Antara tempat2 yang kitorang pegi:  

Nanjing Road


Its an area of commercial streets actually. Ada few top designer brands there. Tapi surprisingly, the price is a bit higher than here in Malaysia. We were told by the guide, eventhough those items were made in China, the tax applied is quite high compare to Malaysia so to caused the price is up a little bit. I did my own survey, went to this one guess boutique and checked the price. Mahal sikit je la dari Malaysia. Ada yang lebih kurang jek. But that is just for branded stuffs. Kalau local products of course lah murah. Macam electronic items yang memang produk situ. Tapi apepun i didnt find Nanjing Road is interesting to shop at all. Just a nice place to lepak2 amik gambar observing people around there. None of us buy anything here. Maybe pegi pun dah petang dah penat seharian tour. 

Chenghuangmiao Bazar


Local market sells local products. Bole beli souvenir, jade, clothes, electronic items, chinese tea, bags, you name it lah. Silk pun ada cuma mahal ah. Unbelievable, chinese silk kat China lagi mahal dari kat Malaysia. I rasa kat Malaysia boleh dapat rm50-rm70 untuk sepasang kain. Mydin pun ada jual tau. Kat China i asked few shops, the price is rm200++. Taktau lah mungkin quality lebih baik but serious in term of corak and jenis kain tu i rasa macam sama je. And yes i tak beli sepasang pun China silk kat sana. haha.

Hangzhou Silk Display Shopping Centre 

    Ni masa kat hangzhou. Tour guide tu bawak kitorang kat tempat ni. Dalam ni jual sume benda dari silk. Cadar, kain, baju, underwear made from silk pun ada uhuhu. promoter tengah gigih menerangkan faedah2 tido atas set cadar silk yer. Sekali tengok harga, amik ko! err..takpelah terus rasa tak mampu sayang ah nak tukar cadar baru..heheh..  

Shanghai Light Indsutry & Textile Market

  This place is some sort like Tanah Abang Jakarta only bigger. But let me be brutally honest with you, i'd rather be 10 times shopping at Tanah Abang than here. I mean the place is big, lots of boutiques, choice of items but somehow, i found it difficult even to choose something for myself to buy. One of reason maybe i'm stuck for words. Communication agak susah di sini. Many of them cant understand even simple english. But anyway, its a nice experience being in China and i'm not going to whine for not being able to shop till drrrop.  

International Shoes City


My first reaction when i saw this building was wow there have shoes city in Shanghai. How cool is that. From the textile building we had 10 minutes walk to this shoes city. So we went there and err...ok maybe it shouldnt be named International Shoes City? So disappointed.


Kedai 2 ringgit kat Malaysia was inspired from this shop

Masuk dalam tu tengok semua barang 2 yuen tiba2 rasa eh ni kat Malaysia pun ado :) 


ok, that's a wrap on my trip to China. We had so much fun actually. Overall what i value so much is not just the chance to visit negara orang atau benda2 shopping nih. Its more. The family bonding. Ada abi yang sporting nak pegi jugak china beli tiket sampai 2 kali pasal 1st time trip kena cancel. Umi yang best paham kenapa anak pompuan dia nak jugak carik tempat shopping stay 1 malam lagi kat Shanghai. Pastu adik pompuan yang kena upah 10 hinggit pasal pagi2 last day kat China i dia ajak round keliling hotel :) Then ada 2 my younger brothers kena tinggal tak dapat ikut trip. hahaha. It's all priceless.  

Akan upload pics di facebook tapi tunggu la lagi sebulan dua, heheh. Agak busy dan kesempitan masa. Nak update blog punnn berat skang. And as for my next trip will be to ****** tapi lama lagi. Got another 6 months. Tapi takpe pasal i kena work hard and save lots of money coz currency negara ni mak kalau nak shopping boleh gigil2 bukak purse tapi i tau branded stuffs there lottssss cheaper than here. So, i'm gonna be prepared *wink*

Saturday, November 7, 2009


mulakan entry dengan gambar pompuan moody. sesuai ah tu.

  • wayar usb henpon e71 i macam biskut jap ada jap takde. i swear bru smlm i nampak ada atas meja ari ni carik dah takde. probably my maid kemas tapi biasanya dia tak usik barang2 camtu. dah la e71 ni usb cabelnya lain sket.

  • suddenly kipas bilik i tak function dah. seriously i have no idea how could that happen. tiba2 je tau. dah few nites i terpaksa on air cond tapi tak suka coz at midnite after i akan sejuk bangat. and i havent told the parents yet. huhu.

  • esok kena antar my parents ke airport untuk pegi Jakarta bookfair. Last week i checked the ticket price it cost me only 200++!!! but its a very unfortunate time for me to go as i'm quite packed now. Plus i cant join my dad in case ada ape2 hal i terpaksa cover kat sini. hujung tahun kan. busy itulah inilah. Jakarta organize 3 book fairs annually. This year i dapat pegi 2 previous book fairs which is in March and July. i miss the bakso kat area wahid hasyim. never miss it everytime i visit Jakarta. sooo yummmmyyyy.

  • i dapat panggilan dari ambank kena pegi opis dia untuk uruskan polisi insuran yang i amik. eloo u tell me bila i akan ada masa nak pegi tuuu??

  • have you ever considered yourself as a bitch? coz i am now. for no obvious reason. but it amazes me when i start to act like one. hoho. people, pls bear with me. i sedang mengalami satu proses yang dinamakan peyesuaian hidup baru (adapting to a new life). wtf.

at the bright side: I'm seriously considering to buy this:

ye. blackberry. since i nak tukar my maxis number to celcom so senang i nak register celcom broadband bila2 nanti i ingat nak amik pakej celcom bb ni. ade kann?? yang boleh dapat harga bb ni murah sikit dari market price. iphone 3g i tak minat. bb i like it so much :) . ok hopefully bole beli nanti *berharap sepenuh hati