Friday, October 2, 2009

Open House Raya

Date: Sabtu (3 Oktober 2009)

Time: 11 pagi - 4 petang
Venue: Rumah saye



1. Kambing golek
2. Nasi minyak
3. Soto ayam
4. Laksa Johor
5. Mee rebus

Friends, you are all cordially invited.
Forgive me for such a short notice, but i've been frantically busy for the past few days.
Anyhoot, i've tried to reach some thru SMS.
Anybody that i left out, please, if you read this, consider this as a personal invitation from me ok.

Love y'all


miss R.e.p.u.n.z.a.L said...

wahhh siap menu..
nak dtg boleh tak omey??

ederq said...

alaaa jauh la pulakk. hihi

Ms. Omey said...

Linda: kalau la u dekat memang da invite..takpe i dah makan kan part u..ehehe..

Derq: tulah..jauh..takpe next time yer..