Monday, October 26, 2009

Masa Untuk Berubah

Anyone notice i've changed my template? takde? ok takpe lah tak kecik ati pon. After spending hours and flipping thru like, 100 pages choice of templates, i have finally choosen this one. Trully, the design did not makes me 'wow' but since my butt refuse to sit another like 3 hours doing the same process (pick template-copy-past-preview) i had to settle down with this. One has to finally made up her mind and make her own choice isnt? Anyway, after all it JUST a blog template ok? not some decision to choose life partner or what?

On other notes, yes, i've been abandoned this blog for few days due to my workload at the office. Mind you, i never blogging from the office. Its so unethical for me to do so plus i cant set a bad example to other staff. Though i did check my blog every hour and so, haha..and yeah, facebook too, ok, friendster as well, and yeah few other gossip forum. hoho. scary duh kalu bos baca. Possibility of banning blogspot and facebook (tolong lah jangan).

As for this new template, i'm still in the process of updating it. I lost all previous links so it might take time to link one by one again. Keje gile. Take my word, i'll never change my template again for another like 10 years? And oh my workload is killing me rite now. Oh terlalu banyak keje. I even have to work on Sunday. So literally at nite, my mood for writing a new post just fading and nothing more i want except than sleep soundly and the next day wake up and be at the office around 7 am till 6 pm and at nite, sleep and wake up, and go to office and return home, exhausted oh the list goes on.
So bye bye for now.


aRi sHu said...

aikk..nape tukar? no more pink lor..

amiza said...

omey,template dulu lagi lawa larr..

Ms. Omey said...

shud: saje je berubah angin..alo i carik yg pink takde yang kenan.

miza: hee..nanti la tukar lain lagi..susah la wat mende ni..