Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I feel soooo good to be at home

Alhamdulillah. I safely reached home today. Dunno how to describe my holiday. Not really a blast (still tak puas ati pasal tak dpt shopping gile2, damn) but surely, its a memorable one :) I'll plan my next visit to China but to another city maybe, like Beijing or Guangzhou. soon. (aha confident je letak soon). Update china later2 la. Not so soon. Loads of work piling up.

ok so just a quick preview on 5 things that i missed most while away on holiday~

1. my messy room. yeah i know. not even a great hotel room can make up for that.

2. my daily dose - facebook/blogging. i can still surf the net but was informed that china ban facebook and blogspot! yeah, pathetic, the chinese doesnt have life. whoops. I also read that to some extent china also blocked google and you tube for brief period as a response to some videos that had content critical of their government. Great. In my opinion, they might just as well ban the internet.

3. daily routine of work. does it sound real? no. okay maybe not the pile of work that i missed but you know the routine of wake up very early and got to go to office every morning. and you know, the gossiping with officemate over breakfast. nice. had lots to catch up. haha.

4. the TV series. oh my. i'm sick of all the chinese dramas with no subtitle provided. I had to do my own translation based on what i watch. The actors is cute though :)

5. my love one. ahem.


Perfume Rack said...

Welkam bek!

Sila upload gambar dan your story di sana secepat mungkin pleaseeeeeeee



Anonymous said...

salam, im 1 of ur silent reader. sumhow ska sgt bca blog u. welcome home. windu bca blog u.

Ms. Omey said...

senah: will do soon dear...pening nak update banyak sgt gmbr and story..heheh..

anon: i wonder, what did i wrote that make it interesting or even worth to be read? but thanks anyway for sparing ur precious time to read my blog :)

ederq said...

omey, num 1 is my miss list when travelling too! haha! kadang tu kat flight mcm tolong ah cpt sampai, dan blk je tros terjunnn katil kesayangan. hahah!

nak tgk gmbr u st chinaaa! hih

Ms. Omey said...

katil sendiri best tak macam katil hotel kannn...ok nnti insyaAllah akan di update..