Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do not LIKE your JOB....

.....instead, LOVE your JOB....  

I have few minutes to update before i'm off to office.

Saya masih lagi sibuk. Masih lagi banyak kerja perlu diselesaikan. Just came back from KL yesterday. Ada taklimat e-bidding di Putrajaya. Kerja macam air deras mengalir kat sungai tak reti2 nak berhenti. Terpaksa mengikut arus pasal kalu terlambat dah past due date pengsan kang nak menjawabnya. But no worries, everything's under control just have to put in extra effort and extra working time. Tiring. But i had fun doing all this. Ok maybe ada part tak fun sangat la. But hey i love the challenges. Maybe some people never really excited about work so i thought is there something wrong with me when i'm all excited about my work???? So here's something positive i would like to share about the difference of liking your job and loving every-minute of it.


I know its Friday..and everyone probably enthusiastic today...heeeee... p/s: On top of all the workload recently, i'm a happy camper :) reason being? hoho malas ah nak citer.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Masa Untuk Berubah

Anyone notice i've changed my template? takde? ok takpe lah tak kecik ati pon. After spending hours and flipping thru like, 100 pages choice of templates, i have finally choosen this one. Trully, the design did not makes me 'wow' but since my butt refuse to sit another like 3 hours doing the same process (pick template-copy-past-preview) i had to settle down with this. One has to finally made up her mind and make her own choice isnt? Anyway, after all it JUST a blog template ok? not some decision to choose life partner or what?

On other notes, yes, i've been abandoned this blog for few days due to my workload at the office. Mind you, i never blogging from the office. Its so unethical for me to do so plus i cant set a bad example to other staff. Though i did check my blog every hour and so, haha..and yeah, facebook too, ok, friendster as well, and yeah few other gossip forum. hoho. scary duh kalu bos baca. Possibility of banning blogspot and facebook (tolong lah jangan).

As for this new template, i'm still in the process of updating it. I lost all previous links so it might take time to link one by one again. Keje gile. Take my word, i'll never change my template again for another like 10 years? And oh my workload is killing me rite now. Oh terlalu banyak keje. I even have to work on Sunday. So literally at nite, my mood for writing a new post just fading and nothing more i want except than sleep soundly and the next day wake up and be at the office around 7 am till 6 pm and at nite, sleep and wake up, and go to office and return home, exhausted oh the list goes on.
So bye bye for now.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shanghai attractions - Part 1

While at Shanghai, for 3 nites kitorang stay kat Riverside Hotel.
I like this hotel better la. Nice one.

okeh ni antara tempat2 yang dilawat masa kat Shanghai

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower TV

Tv tower tertinggi di Asia dan ketiga tertinggi di Dunia. First kitorang naik atas tower untuk menikmati pemandangan. Biasa je la macam KL tower tapi i rasa the view of Shanghai City sangat2 cantik as u can also see the river along the city down there.

The tower.
Tower ni jugak famous pasal rekabentuknya agak unik

View of Shanghai city from the tower

Shanghai Municipal History Museum

Apa yang lebih menarik kat tower ni adalah Shanghai Municipal History Museum at the bottom of the tower. OMG, i must say that i hate museum (for obvious reason) but this museum is kinda different. Like a home to a science fantasy city.
Features of this museum (as i read) is divided into 3:
  • First hall full of life-like manikins performing the traditional activities of life in a farming and fishing society. This transitions into scenes from traditional city life: a Chinese medicine stall, a tea-house, a cloth shop, etc.
  • Second hall full of scenes from Shanghai's foreign concession history. See what life was like for foreigners living among the Shanghainese during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The dioramas are amazingly detailed, especially the street scenes of shops and entertainment districts.
  • Third hall full of scale models of Shanghai's most famous buildings.
Cantek tau features2 yang ada kat dalam tu. You can spend hours here. Tak macam museum biasa yang cuma ada display so boring. Tak dapat nak membayangkan camane. kena pegi sendiri experience. gambar pun tak boleh nak mengekspresikan lagipun gambar yang best2 i tak amik sebab terlalu asyik memikirkan camane benda2 tu dibuat, heh. Lagipun dalam ni siap ada sound lagi to make it even more real.

us again.
my dad punye pic asyik takde pasal bz amik gambar..heheh

my mum & me

ms omey

salah satu model Shanghai City yang ada

Shanghai River Cruise

Serious ada sampai 2 cruise. kat hangzhou lake cruise kat shanghai river cruise pulak. Huangpu River Cruise namanya. Tak minat sangat sebenarnya cruise2 ni tapi layankan je la dah include dalam pakej. River cruise ni ada 2 yang panjang untuk 3 jam yang pendek sejam je. kitorang cruise 1 hour je. Dari sini boleh nampak view bandar Shanghai. Tu lah kalu pegi Shanghai banyak tempat boleh tengok bandarnya. Dari atas tower la dari cruise boat la hehehe..Tapi sangat cantek. Tau tak shanghai adalah bandar terpadat dan termaju di china? a very modern city.

While cruising.
Cruise ni also can be done at nite. Lagiii cantik.

i like this pic so much because of the city background sangat cantek kan :)

Ok dah abis la part melawat tempat2 menarik.
Pasni sambung part 2 nak citer pasal tempat shopping pulak *wink*

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hangzhou, China

Since kitorang pegi ni amik pakej untuk ground activity so semua dah included dalam package. Hotel, Makan, entrance fee, travel itenarary tour guide dah prepare. So banyak benda i pun tak sure about the actual cost. We stay 1 nite only kat hangzhou. The hotel, crown plaza hotel is located betul2 kat bandar. Hotel ok lah, not bad. Tapi somehow i rasa kat china ni katil hotel diorang agak keras ek? hotel 4 stars pulak tu. masa kat hotel shanghai pun camtu. Breakfast at hotel is included tapi paham2 lah mana boleh amikkan so we just end up makan maggi kat bilik hotel tiap2 pagi.

The only place yang kitorang visit kat Hangzhou adalah the so famous west lake. One of the most beautiful sights in Hangzhou. Cantek dan menenangkan. Kalau ada kat malaysia bole pegi hari2..ahaha... we just naik cruise and jalan2 enjoy the scenery. Since the weather masa tu pun quite nice, around 15-20 degrees so selesa la jalan2. Here are some of the pics:

entrance of west lake. tasik ni sangat2 besar.
ada few spot kena bayar untuk masuk.
tapi ada jugak yang memang open tu public.

cruise. dalam 40 minit lebih kurang.

weather sangat besh masa ni.
perfect time to go on holiday.

ada few kolam ikan kat sini.
red carp fish i rasa. sangat cantek.

jalan2 menikmati pemandangan. heh.
time holiday la bole enjoy moments camni.
kalau kat malaysia selalu busy takde maknanya tiba2 nak pegi jalan2 pulak.

us (sis, mum and me)

after that kitorang terus gerak ke shanghai. jauh jugak dalam 2 jam lebih baru sampai. Will update soon pasal kat shanghai ok. Tapi mmg more tu jalan2 visiting places la. shopping tak banyak pun. geram tau ngan travel guide nih.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Plaza Premium Lounge-LCCT, Xiaoshan Airport, China

The other day masa nak ke China,we all arrive awal pagi dalam kul 5 gitu. The flight is around 8am. I wrote this entry before. Pasal percutian yang tak jadi. Ticket tu da burn so terpaksa la purchase ticket baru. We fly with AirAsia now everyone can fly anyway. AirAsia got few destinations to China among is which is Hangzhou. The ticket cost us around rm800++/per person hey of course quite cheap compare to MAS. So on that day, we arrived LCCT around 5 am. Still a tad early to have a breakfast. But luckily kitorang semua bole masuk Plaza Premium Lounge. Nak masuk, senang jer. You just have to own one of these

Lounge ni berbeza2 untuk setiap airport. Tapi yang kat LCCT ni tade benda sangat la. Cuma selesa la boleh resting kat situ. Did you all agree with me antara benda yang sangattt memenatkan bila travel adalah the time amount of time have to spend waiting kat airport. ughhhh..sometimes you have to spend even 4,5 hours before flight departure kat airport. Tersangat lah boring taktau nak buat ape weyy....

so dalam lounge ni boleh la makan2. we had our breakfast there. save money lor. haha. padahal dalam flight nak makan lagi.

and even blogging since got computer and internet access there

mase kat airport waiting for flight nak balik malaysia lain pulak ceritanya. Pasal takde lounge yang ada access nak masuk kan so melilau-lilau la kat airport. dan yang paling sengalnya tour guide and driver tu bole pulak antar kitorang ke airport 8 jam before flight. just imagine . dah la xiaoshan airport tu pun kecik. puas round2 to kill the time. last2 cari seat pastu....



so ape yang korang buat kalau boring menunggu kat airport eh? kalau kat oversea nak call orang tersayang kat Malaysia kang pengsan membayar bil kang. certain negara cam China charge international call tersangat lah mahal. I also bring book to read tapi tak bole nak masuk dalam kepala. maybe kalu light reading bole la.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The remaining 7 + 1 models are....

I've been a huge fan of America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 since i was little. Been watching it started from cycle 3 till it reached cycle 13 now! never missed an episode! Interestingly this latest season Tyra Banks announced that the cast is only open to girls below 5'7''. yup. you heard me. Its now becoming America's Next Top Petite Model. I like! hehehe..The shortest girl is Sundai which is 5'3". Most of them varied from 5'5" to 5'6". Mind you, 5"5" is already considered tall for a girl! So here are the remaining 7 models:

rae (she's a mum)


nicole (the potential one to become a winner)





plus 1 model here who dying to take part:


ok, i'm just kidding anyway. pls dont start kutuk2. I'm not even 5 feet and besides, i'm not that skinny, and that pretty to become a model. *sedar diri*. ok all, have a nice monday :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

उकापन दीपावली

ucapan deepavali khas ditujukan buat mamat sebelah yang bergambar dengan i masa kat new delhi (went there last year)

yeaahhh dan juga kepada si dia

tidak dilupakan juga auntie2 yang i amik gambar diorang ni masa visit gate of India

सलामत बेर्हरी राया एंड तो ठोस व्हो ईंट सेलिब्रेटिंग आईटी, हवे अ नीचे वीकएंड!


* pasal deepavali kan so motifnya kena la letak pic masa kat India..huhu..


my mind went blank today

seems like i cant focus on what i ought to do

are there too many distractions?

or is it just ME?

trust me

it is that bad


stand still, please, DONT FALL

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I feel soooo good to be at home

Alhamdulillah. I safely reached home today. Dunno how to describe my holiday. Not really a blast (still tak puas ati pasal tak dpt shopping gile2, damn) but surely, its a memorable one :) I'll plan my next visit to China but to another city maybe, like Beijing or Guangzhou. soon. (aha confident je letak soon). Update china later2 la. Not so soon. Loads of work piling up.

ok so just a quick preview on 5 things that i missed most while away on holiday~

1. my messy room. yeah i know. not even a great hotel room can make up for that.

2. my daily dose - facebook/blogging. i can still surf the net but was informed that china ban facebook and blogspot! yeah, pathetic, the chinese doesnt have life. whoops. I also read that to some extent china also blocked google and you tube for brief period as a response to some videos that had content critical of their government. Great. In my opinion, they might just as well ban the internet.

3. daily routine of work. does it sound real? no. okay maybe not the pile of work that i missed but you know the routine of wake up very early and got to go to office every morning. and you know, the gossiping with officemate over breakfast. nice. had lots to catch up. haha.

4. the TV series. oh my. i'm sick of all the chinese dramas with no subtitle provided. I had to do my own translation based on what i watch. The actors is cute though :)

5. my love one. ahem.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Pesal ntah letak tajuk camtu! Anyway, just to inform that i'll be in China from 9th to 13th October.

so this is my tentative programme:

8hb (today) : drive to KL

9hb: 5 am should be in airport already. flight scheduled at 8 am. arrive hangzhou around 2 pm

10hb: hangzhou-shanghai

11hb: shanghai

12hb: shanghai

13hb: shanghai-hangzhou. flight back home at 11 pm

14hb: arrive KL around 4 am. Flight back to JB at 7 am

Till then, i dont think i'll be able to update.

Love y'all

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Open House Raya 2009 (Gambar)

Finally, tuan punya blog and her brothers

Malas nak upload kat blog satu2.
But anyway, i ada upload banyak kat my fb.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Its purple now!

Last nite got appointment ngan doktor gigi. Biasalah monthly check-up untuk buat ortho review. The gorgeous lady doctor said gigi i ada improvement yang baik. Ah entah menda yang improve pun taktau la. Maybe gigi dah gerak kot. Pastu doktor bukak balik rubber band yang warna pink tu nak tukar baru. I choose purple! errr...sakit jugak la masa proses bukak and pasang balik tu. tapi kejap jelah. For this month doktor tu bagi i getah elastik tu untuk pasang sendiri kat gigi atas i tiap2 ari. This to ensure yang gigi yang tak rata kat atas semua turun and sama rata. Kena pasang sendiri tiap2 ari plak tuh. Dah la nak pasang sikit punye susah pasal mulut i kan kecik. wtf. The amount of time nak kena spend buat benda2 macam ni yang malas nih. But anyway, its been 1 month already. Ada lagi, errr... 1 tahun 5 bulan??

So my recent pic with braces:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

coret-coret rumah terbuka

  • Sebenarnya open house ni buat 3 dalam 1. Open house company, orang kampung dan UMNO (my dad ketua cawangan). Alhamdulillah the big help comes from our staff. Start dari hari jumaat boleh berkumpul kat umah merewang. And during the event pun diorang la banyak tolong.
  • Of all menu, yang catering ialah kambing golek, nasi minyak and mee rebus. Laksa Johor and soto is specially made by my mum. Yeah, 1 thing that i didnt inherit from mum is her cooking skill. But i definitely had the makan skill!
  • Start jam 11 tetamu dah mula datang dan berterusan sampai la nak masuk maghrib. Nasib baik this year setting meja agak banyak. Selain kat dalam garaj rumah, 1 lagi khemah dipasang kat taman rumah.
  • Makanan semua alhamdulillah mencukupi tak berlebih banyak sangat in fact rasanya pun cukup2 je dapat la bagi yang menolong bawak balik.
  • Cerita tak best one the staff's car kena pecah! berani betul sape yang buat tu. The car parked a bit far from the house tapi yelah kat luar umah kat jalan tu pun memang ada RELA jaga sepanjang majlis.
  • Yang banyak menjadi tumpuan kitorang masa open house ni ialah babies! banyak sangat budak comel2 datang.
  • Dalam sibuk2 my mum kan, sempat lagi tengok2 kolam ikan tu. My mum risau kan bukan ape, 1st takut ada budak jatuh as the pond agak dalam and my mum taknak budak baling2 batu dalam kolam tu.
  • Client yang i invite tak semua datang. But happy some of them could make it. Yelah, paham, hari tu memang banyak sangat clash ngan open house kan.
  • Ada sedara cakap open house ni pun dah macam kenduri kawin..ahaha..opss..

I will upload those pics in the next entry ya.
Nak tunggu gambar yang cantek punya dari DSLR

Friday, October 2, 2009

Open House Raya

Date: Sabtu (3 Oktober 2009)

Time: 11 pagi - 4 petang
Venue: Rumah saye



1. Kambing golek
2. Nasi minyak
3. Soto ayam
4. Laksa Johor
5. Mee rebus

Friends, you are all cordially invited.
Forgive me for such a short notice, but i've been frantically busy for the past few days.
Anyhoot, i've tried to reach some thru SMS.
Anybody that i left out, please, if you read this, consider this as a personal invitation from me ok.

Love y'all