Thursday, September 3, 2009

At what age SHOULD I get married???

Last nite had this long, serious, boring conversation with mr bf. Not very sure how the issue suddenly raised. Like, tiba2 dia cakap pasal kahwin. ok, its not we didnt discuss about that before. We did. But you know, takde ape2 yang serius sangat. But last nite sangat2 menguji kesabaran ok. He keeps pushing me to tell my parents bla bla bla start plan bla bla. Bengang. Dont know what got into him.

Honestly before ni, i rasa I seriously rasa he himself takkan nak plan apa dalam jangka masa terdekat. Thats why i pikir isu tu takkan timbul dulu and i have like, few years to be prepared (hah cam apa je nak ready punn susah). But tiba2 last nite when i said i nak kawin umur 28, surprisingly dia cakap lambat sangat. Lambatttt? aii takkan nak kawin ujung thn ni pulak tetiba kann..some more he said about my birthday is coming soon la then i dah 26 la bla bla bla. Hello, am i the one who supposed to be worried about me getting older? tapi seriously dia pulak yang susah ati betul memikirkan.

What is the most suitable age
to get married?

I'm 26
next year 27
next next year 28
next next next year 29
next next next next year i'll touch 30

No, i'm not afraid of getting old or whatever.
I just want to make the best decision for myself.

ape pun, i ada satu masalah besar kena overcome
Got to be brave to face it
It takes lots of courage
*pray again*

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ederq said...

omey, there is no specific age on when to get married. u will know when the time comes.
do it when you are ready. dont force yourself and try to make him understand. :)

miss b said...

sabo ye.. bt whn he started ask'g its for d better. cz u wldnt wanna end up waiting 4him like 4ever bile dia lgsg tak tanya..
n btol la ederq ckp, no specific age.. im sure whnever it will be, once u've made up ur decision, u'll b floating babe. (u'll understand whn it finally hpen 2u). anyhow, umur brp pn tak pntg, ask urself, r u ready. n why dont u ask him as well?

Ms. Omey said...

derq: thanks babe. nasihat orang dah dekat kawin kena ikut ni :)

ms b: i da ada plan umur brape nak kawin. i know its too bad la kan kalu tiba2 dia langsung tak nak tanya. i just hope he can wait. sabo kejappp jer.

:: || Mrs. Izwan || :: said...

jodoh datang tanpa dipaksa-paksa. bila tiba, kawen je. i kawen at the age of 27. masa tu takde bf pun. tetiba my husband muncul kenal 4 bulan, tunang, tunang 4 bulan, kawin terus. jodoh kan ;) just follow the flor je ;)

Ms. Omey said...

Mrs Izwan: owh sweet :) so lucky u found ur man and terus ada jodoh kawin.

miss R.e.p.u.n.z.a.L said...

bia ia dtg sendiri k..
jgn takut..jodoh ttp ada..cpt lambat je kan?
nnti dah nak mkn ns minyak..jgn lupa jemput tau..
ilike mkn ns minyak..weee tak malu kan?hahaha

Ms. Omey said...

linda: nak makan ns minyak linda dulu laa.. :)

cik EPAL said...

nk kawen bila?? aihh...xtaw la nk suggest bila...rasa da sedia n pilihan 2 tepat..leyh la kawen ;)

Ms. Omey said...

Cik Epal: nak tunggu bila sedia yang susah tu ;)