Friday, July 24, 2009

I have nothing to compain

Been supportive as always. They're precious! We're going to have our annual vacation this August. Yay! Destination? Will reveal it some other time!

He's still -ve for H1N1 testing. lol.

Ok, so far i'm doing great perasan nak mampos. I dah dapat BONUS! But no worries, as i already made plan that all the money goes to shopping mall my bank account. My job, like others i believe, can be stressful sometime but well, i'm still, still survive.

Never been an issue to me. Alhamdulillah. Its not mean that i'm filthy rich or whatever, mind you.

Body weight:
This part is quite frustrating. Why did i still gaining weight? i've cut down my daily meals ok! Should i jog like, 2 hours per day? or maybe i should start kickboxing class?

So far i have nothing much to complain. My life might not seems perfect to others, but i'm so thankful for all that i have and also for what i cant have.

P/s: Sorry about my prev entry that possibly sounded a bit harsh. Please dont be offended as i never meant to dedicate the post to anybody in particular. It's just me!


miss R.e.p.u.n.z.a.L said...

jum kita diet sama2..
linda pon da letih tgk badan ni bagai di pam2..
nyampahh !!

ederq said...


Ms. Omey said...

Linda: Jom!!!

Derq: Yup. Alhamdulillah. :)