Saturday, June 27, 2009


Pose such as this is more likely to become a signature pic of the blog owner. Ha Ha.

Ok, now pls try something different.

Dear friends,

I will be going to Sarawak today (to Kuching specifically).
Never been there before. Sarawak is the only country in Malaysia that i never set my foot.
So i'm really excited about this trip.
My flight's scheduled at noon.

Staying there 1 night only and will be back tomorrow night. (28th-29th)
What am i doing in Sarawak?
Will story it to you guys later!


Nanak said...

Babe, u dah sampai Kuching? stay mana?dun forget to try their Mi Kolok or have dinner at Taman Kereta...hv a nice trip..:)

zain aziz said...

bawak balik rumah panjang satu...

Ms. Omey said...

Nanak: Mi kolok x sedappp!

Zain: bole je :p