Monday, June 15, 2009


I've got workload piling up on my desk. Plan out-station to Terengganu ruined. Not totally cancelled but has to be delayed for another day. *sigh* Been thinking so much lately. Now is already June. Half of the year passing already.

Wow. Just great.

Owh my supposedly indulge-in-Great-Singapore-Sale also ruined by my younger brother who just didnt want to coorperate. But no loss, i guess. Since i've been told nothing so great about the sale this time + the exchange rate was not in our favour. Might as well to just splurge your money here.
Owh, mengelakkan wang keluar, menyokong ekonomi negara juge. (walaupun yg ingin dibelanjakan cumalah sebuah handbag..sob..)

The only good news is for my plastic card(s)! smile, :) you're safe. Nobody's going to be shocked when the billing statement's come out by the end of this month. (sy bijak berbelanja!). Mr **** must be very proud of me! Lagi pulak kan awal bulan depan gue mau ke Jakarta sih! ya ayuh berbelanja juta-jutaan rupiah di sana! Speaking of which, rate for Indonesian rupiah have also slightly increased from the last time i went there on March 09.

Ok, I think i have to end now before my writing leads to rambling and mumbling unnecessary details. See u guys on my next entry yg bertajuk .....................


miss R.e.p.u.n.z.a.L said...

ha g jakarta?
linda maybe fly on next jan 2010.
mmg da increase pon rupiah..
sabau je la

Ms. Omey said...

yupp..rupiah mmg agak x stabil la..
kejap naik..kejap turun..