Monday, June 1, 2009

New gadget

Bought this a month ago (gara2 terpengaruh ngan iklan di paper) my nokia 6280 is not functional anymore + it surely will be nice to show off around my new hp..haha.. so far i like this hp very much, very user friendly, comes with a very sleek figure to my liking and also light weight.Most importantly to my preference, the 3.2 megapixel cam, so he would have clearer view while we using 3G. *sengih*

Actually before, i opted to buy blackberry, woahh..but x jadi since my friend told me blackberry needs subscription before u can configure the email setting, bla bla i choose nokia E71 instead. After this definitely will sign up for celcom broadband, thus it will make my blogging job much easier as i'm always on the road (out station lah).

So how much this cost me? ermm...1k++ .. not bad lah..quite cheap compared to blacberry..i cant capture the hp pic itself..err..i didnt owned a digital cam..huhuhu..ok..ok..definitely will buy one right away.. DSLR?? woahh...ape salahnye kan..kan..


Nanak said...

apakata bday aku ni ko belikan aku juga 1?heeee

Ms. Omey said...

wahh hint birthday nmpakk.. :)

Nanak said...

give face la ok..hahaaa