Tuesday, June 23, 2009

....My Monday....

Did anyone notice my so-lazy-to-go-to-work face? My house and my workplace is just 2-3 minutes driving distance. Yup, lucky me! Surely i can just walk to work as well, but knowing me, lah kan.. *sengih*

At the workplace:

Caught in the act! haha..blogging rupanya..cess..

Later after work, my sis and i decided to go to Danga Bay. Since its already 6 at that time, hit just right at the time people rush to get home, caused a masssive traffic jam on the way to Danga Bay. huh! Arrived around 7. We decided to have our dinner 1st since i'm soo hungry and didnt eat anything since breakfast. The sight of Secret Recipe is so tempting!

Spaghetti bolognese for me..hehe..ye, while eating this please la jgn ingat tentang saiz jeans 27 yg mungkin dah x muat atau pun t-shirt yg dr S kena beli L la pulakkk lepas nih! ni ok lagi,
as for my sis, she had:

uwaa..nengok pun bole rasa nk nangis..sinful giler...kalau lah i yg order..boleh jadi rasa bersalah nk round padang 2 kali pas makan..yes, i'm a health freak!

So that's it, our sinful dinner! After mkn just grab few minutes to buy selendang chiffon for me then trus headed home as we havent solat yet.


Nanak said...

nyam..nyam..lupakan diet sekejap okeh.

Ms. Omey said...

ye betul. lupakan je trus diet tu.