Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Leaving for Jakarta tonite

Oh my, its already 7.20 pm and i just wake up from from my beauty sleep. I left office early this evening as i havent pack anything yet for my trip tonite. Owh, i'm going to Jakarta. This is a shopping work trip as i'm going to visit Jakarta Book Fair. My flight's scheduled around 11 pm. That's the time fixed so far la as i'm flying with AirAsia. You know AirAsia? Being punctual to fly on time as scheduled is clearly not their best concern. I would rate, out of 10 flights i fly with AirAsia, 6 will be delayed. Few times i stuck at the airport for more than 3 HOURS. But the thing is, what choice do i have? Fly with MAS? wow. Then i definitely wont have the privilege of flying to oversea few times a year. Damn. Even if i'll be able to afford it, what's the point of wasting so much money when you could go for cheaper option? Unless it is a long distance flight that will take hours. But recently AirAsia also launched KL-London direct flight. Overall i think, compared to MAS, of course their price is a way cheaper, and their service is a way down below.

So that's it.

My choice?

AirAsia is it

p/s: kalau bole nak pegi London naik 1st class. Pegi check website MAS return ticket RM 25,914! bole buat downpayment beli rumah! *pengsan*

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Nanak said...

jangan lupa ole2 ya..
hati2 dong di sana..:)