Saturday, June 13, 2009

Information Resource Centre (IRC), UTP

Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) 's library known as Information Resource Centre (IRC)

Last week my colleague and i went to IRC upon appointment with the librarian there. Actually i've been to UTP for few times since my company is one of the books supplier for the library .We didnt stay long, just about an hour discussion with the librarian, then we decided to walk around the library and have a closer look. One of the speciality of the library that differentiate it among other libraries, as we were being told by the librarian, IRC is the only library that housing all the books on the built in, designated racks. It consist of 4 floor levels. The racks is built in from 1 st floor till the 4th. It is unremovable, of course, for obvious reason.

So big, so many racks and books. But no worries, like most libraries, the also have their own directory to assist users to allocate materials they are looking for.

So far there're still lots of of space from the racks not occupied. Did u know library have their own target for procurement? They have certain target to be reached, example like must have 500,000 collections before 2010. It is very, very important to cater the increasing demands of the students year by year. It is also varies from one library to another.

see the ladder?very thoughtful kan *padahal terase*

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Miss Geraldine Donavue said...

homaigod. lawanya interior.

please lock me up in there just for a day! or maybe a week if they do stock really good books :)