Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I love make up so much!

  • Went to Jusco the other day with my sis.
  • Just plan to look around while continue my handbag-hunting mission
  • Didnt find anything suits me.
  • End up at the MAC Boutique buying these:

  • 1 is MAC eyeshadow pot black colour or written there the colour code is carbon
  • 2 is MAC waterproof eyeliner
  • Bought those to match with my previous purchase of MAC limited edition Hello Kitty

  • The pic above didnt do any justice to the real colour. Its really nice actually.

P/s: As for the handbag-hunting, Great Singapore Sale (GSS) Anyone???


Nanak said...

dah pandai pakai tudung kaler lain la yer..nanak oso bought MAC mekap last month dgn borosnya..but baru perasan yg 12kaler eyeshadow adalah cream..i dun like ok..tapi dia punya lip gloss & listip..sungguh heaven kan omey..

Ms. Omey said...

hehe..wait ya darl, nnti i buat entry of me with various colour of tudung! bkn semua product MAC aku suke but their eyeshadow n blusher are highly recommended!