Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is 12th April of 2009. I'm still, still in busy mode. With KL International Bookfair is just around the corner. For sure as hell i'll be very busy throughout the event. The preparation's not done yet. This wednesday i'll be off to KL till 26th. Looking at the way i packed my things now, seems like i want to stay 3 months in KL. I never know how to travel light..or how people did? What would happen when i'm away from home, suddenly i just realize i need this or that? I had prepare at least 3 pairs of shoes to bring. I even bought a new peep toe yesterday, never can resist a new shoe, regardless of how many i already have. but overall, i have to say, this event is not about me or my appearance, or whatsoever, its about.....the event? uhh, i'm not only care about what shoes to wear, what color of my lipstick, this is about my carieer (yes, i do have one, ok). I was appointed as an asst. of project director for my company in this event. Besides, i also have few important task during this bookfair, the one that i will priortise as it will result in my unit sales target for this year. hah! way to go girl.

Also, this month of April is special to me because..aha..i'm not going to reveal it here..too personal to be shared, not that i know is there anybody read my blog...but this, i will only keep it to myself.. :)

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