Sunday, April 12, 2009


oh my, i'm having a bad day at work last friday. Have u ever tried to purchase online ticket from MAS website. I never before.But i had experience with Air Asia. So i just encounter my first time with MAS. This time i had to book a ticket for my client JB-KL-JB on a certain date. Lets just name him Mr. Z. So basically i thought it will be an easy task. easy-peasy. haha. so i just log on to their website, select the specific dates, fill in the required information, and tada..done! but, ermm, its not done yet..and what?? the card has been declined. let me state very clearly here, what appears in the website in a small, bold, red font, written there is something like
your card has been declined. please make a new payment or contact our desk services.
something like that la. So obeying the order, i repeat the same process again..and..declined..AGAIN and AGAIN. I had to emphasisze the word AGAIN as i had no idea actually how many times had i did the booking and ALL has been declined.F***.After getting fed-up trying to figure out what was wrong as i did try the booking with few different cards, i call 1300-88-3000. After few minutes of press this for this and press that for that, i get connected with the operator. I've no idea what had happened. I just confide my problems to her. So she said she will check the booking under the name Mr. Z. What happen after that..was shockingly disaster..

Operator: Cik Ummul did u know how many bookings have u made for this Mr. Z (she sounds soooo surprise and it scared me to death)
Me: times i guess, but all declined..
U had just made total of 17 bookings under the name Mr.Z and 13 of it already been authorized by the bank. APPROVED.
*Stuck for words*

oh my. oh my. what have i done? but wait..didnt it stated declined there and i have to make a new payment for the booking. hah!

After nearly half and hours explained by the operator, then i just get the idea of what happened. So basically here, i was advised to call the operator right after my card has been declined and do not ever make any temptation to re-book the ticket. What might happen is though the card has been approved by the bank, MAS still not capture the money. It's like the money's floating right now, where the case it has been debitted from your account but still not credited to MAS. hah! something like that la. so in this case, u will not get the online ticket straight away. It will be done manually by MAS where it will take 2-3 days to process the purchasing and they will mail the ticket to you. By then, the money that floating somewhere (i dunno where) is already been credited to MAS. In my case, luckily its still not too late as the operator is really helpful enough to void my redundant bookings. But still, i have to wait for approximately 7 days for the payment that already has been authorized by the bank to be credited back to my account. Bad enough, isn't?

I just wonder, if didnt call straight away, if i just assume the purchase is all declined, will Mr.Z have like, 13 seats on flight JB-KL-JB? Please noted each ticket cost me RM 403. You do the calculation.

I had this wild idea that if i didnt stop to call MAS after my 17th attempts, if i just let it continue till who knows how many attempts, oh my, i might have chartered the whole flight am i? scarry, dowh.

Everyone can fly

But not everyone can pay


Today is 12th April of 2009. I'm still, still in busy mode. With KL International Bookfair is just around the corner. For sure as hell i'll be very busy throughout the event. The preparation's not done yet. This wednesday i'll be off to KL till 26th. Looking at the way i packed my things now, seems like i want to stay 3 months in KL. I never know how to travel light..or how people did? What would happen when i'm away from home, suddenly i just realize i need this or that? I had prepare at least 3 pairs of shoes to bring. I even bought a new peep toe yesterday, never can resist a new shoe, regardless of how many i already have. but overall, i have to say, this event is not about me or my appearance, or whatsoever, its about.....the event? uhh, i'm not only care about what shoes to wear, what color of my lipstick, this is about my carieer (yes, i do have one, ok). I was appointed as an asst. of project director for my company in this event. Besides, i also have few important task during this bookfair, the one that i will priortise as it will result in my unit sales target for this year. hah! way to go girl.

Also, this month of April is special to me because..aha..i'm not going to reveal it here..too personal to be shared, not that i know is there anybody read my blog...but this, i will only keep it to myself.. :)