Monday, March 30, 2009

Wrecked Life, Mine!!

a sensitive issues should be handled more cleverly and wisely.i'm sick of this, really.sometimes it just bring us nowhere.the good or the bad makes things even worse than before.both party felt offended. both party will be unsatisfied. it lead to awkwardness. huh, just as i hard enough in my life. but surely, i cant pretend that i'm not hurt. i cant pretend like its nothing actually, ok i'll carry my usual life, the same boring routine. but somehow i knew, YES, i knew this same issues will arise again before too long. will feel exactly like this again.


i dont know how to take this, really. i dont know till how long i can be ignorant to this kind of feeling. being pretentious. i'm hurt. that might not seem obvious to anybody, but really, i'm hurt. and what hurt the most (not rascals,ok) why rising this issues when i'm just about to feel on top of the world, when i think i just did something good. that statement crush me. hit me right away. make me down. even if it's not caused by the issues entirely, also by the person that delivering the issues. so unjustify. very unfair. thank you for doing that. for making me feel exactly what i feel right now. disaster. i'm stressful. no, i do not need the paracetamol, or few days of vacations or even consultation. i just needed to be alone. undisturbed. i'll be ok.

"a sensitive issues should be handled more cleverly and wisely"

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