Friday, March 27, 2009

Goodbye to Michael Sarver.We're not gonna miss you.

I missed this week American Idol but still manage to catch up thru online,,and yes, there’ll be repeat at 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday,,, Michael sarver was booted out,,thank God,,not that he really bad,,but I was really really annoyed when he was saved instead of alexis last week,,,and the fun part was when he was given the last chance to sing to the judges, hah! The judges don’t even take he seriously into consideration,,simon simply said ‘michael, you’re going home’. So, that’s it!

And for the hell part is for matt was being in the bottom two,,surprisingly,,trust me,,if Michael was save again this nite, and matt was the one who booted out,,I will get a heart attack and probably die young,,pity me,,

p/s: I think Gokey is really hot!!

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