Friday, March 20, 2009

disappoinment :(

owhh last nite american idol sgt2 menghampakan

alexis grace was eliminated.

oh my, never crossed my mind she will exiting this early.
this is the problem with reality tv show format.
i wasnt surprise if the judges use their judge's save twist to save alexis but apparently they didnt so i just take it for what it is.
i know, i know the judge's save twist is just to be used once for the entire season and they probably just think of save it till the last bit but h e l l o, it's not likely matt giraud or danny gokey will ever be in bottom 2. america lovvvee them!
The judge's save should be use on somebody who clearly got talent like alexis but didn't get enough votes from americans. She might not be able to make it to final, but she absolutely could go farther than this. As for the guys, most of them are secure, [even michael sarver,huh].

my early pick to win: matt giraud (owhh but i do adore danny gokey!!)

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