Friday, March 27, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic: review

i watched this movie last sat with girlfrens. this is one of the most awaiting movie as i'm a fan of sophie kinsella. i've read all the shopaholic series. i wouldnt comment much on the movie because everyone knows reading the novel will give more satisfaction and each time we saw a movie adapted from a novel, pls do no expect too much of the outcome. but here i would conclude some:


  • the becky fan dance, hahaha, very funny dowh, and she inherited it from her daddy.
  • all the girls going mad at the sample sale, of course its quite exaggerated (i'll never fight with another girl over a boot)
  • becky dress throughout the film, gorgeous, i must say.
  • alicia bitch long legs. she suits the character soo well.

  • the green scarf! OMG! originally from book, the color is blue, and the green scarf is not look like what i've imagined, and err,, mcm selendang 5 hinggit kat jalan TAR, that's it. and they claim it's danny and george.
  • the actor, luke. hmm, so-so la. he's cute though but i don't think he really fits into the luke character from the book.
ok, so i rate this movie 7 out of 10. a good one to de-stress urself. watch and enjoy it!

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