Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The 1st step ever


ok, breathe in..breathe out..as i'm about to break this news..
guess that i will start blogging again..starting from..errr...now!! yay!!
so here it goes..act i'm quit enthusiastic to start blogging..
yeah..for now..we'll just see how it goes for the next few months, shall we?

actually i've been leaving this precious blog for about 2 years!!
imagine the baby that grow up to 2 years old..dah besar kan!!
few years back, i started to try blogging while i'm still studying at uni.
my first try didn't succeed at all..so here goes my second attempt..
i'm not so good at expressing my thoughts into writing, so basically i have no idea what to blog about,,but i guess lets just go with the flow first,,we'll figure out later on lah..

1 comment:

achik88 said...

2 years without blog then all of sudden start it again? everyone! this blog has hidden agenda. :p