Monday, March 30, 2009

Wrecked Life, Mine!!

a sensitive issues should be handled more cleverly and wisely.i'm sick of this, really.sometimes it just bring us nowhere.the good or the bad makes things even worse than before.both party felt offended. both party will be unsatisfied. it lead to awkwardness. huh, just as i hard enough in my life. but surely, i cant pretend that i'm not hurt. i cant pretend like its nothing actually, ok i'll carry my usual life, the same boring routine. but somehow i knew, YES, i knew this same issues will arise again before too long. will feel exactly like this again.


i dont know how to take this, really. i dont know till how long i can be ignorant to this kind of feeling. being pretentious. i'm hurt. that might not seem obvious to anybody, but really, i'm hurt. and what hurt the most (not rascals,ok) why rising this issues when i'm just about to feel on top of the world, when i think i just did something good. that statement crush me. hit me right away. make me down. even if it's not caused by the issues entirely, also by the person that delivering the issues. so unjustify. very unfair. thank you for doing that. for making me feel exactly what i feel right now. disaster. i'm stressful. no, i do not need the paracetamol, or few days of vacations or even consultation. i just needed to be alone. undisturbed. i'll be ok.

"a sensitive issues should be handled more cleverly and wisely"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic: review

i watched this movie last sat with girlfrens. this is one of the most awaiting movie as i'm a fan of sophie kinsella. i've read all the shopaholic series. i wouldnt comment much on the movie because everyone knows reading the novel will give more satisfaction and each time we saw a movie adapted from a novel, pls do no expect too much of the outcome. but here i would conclude some:


  • the becky fan dance, hahaha, very funny dowh, and she inherited it from her daddy.
  • all the girls going mad at the sample sale, of course its quite exaggerated (i'll never fight with another girl over a boot)
  • becky dress throughout the film, gorgeous, i must say.
  • alicia bitch long legs. she suits the character soo well.

  • the green scarf! OMG! originally from book, the color is blue, and the green scarf is not look like what i've imagined, and err,, mcm selendang 5 hinggit kat jalan TAR, that's it. and they claim it's danny and george.
  • the actor, luke. hmm, so-so la. he's cute though but i don't think he really fits into the luke character from the book.
ok, so i rate this movie 7 out of 10. a good one to de-stress urself. watch and enjoy it!

Goodbye to Michael Sarver.We're not gonna miss you.

I missed this week American Idol but still manage to catch up thru online,,and yes, there’ll be repeat at 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday,,, Michael sarver was booted out,,thank God,,not that he really bad,,but I was really really annoyed when he was saved instead of alexis last week,,,and the fun part was when he was given the last chance to sing to the judges, hah! The judges don’t even take he seriously into consideration,,simon simply said ‘michael, you’re going home’. So, that’s it!

And for the hell part is for matt was being in the bottom two,,surprisingly,,trust me,,if Michael was save again this nite, and matt was the one who booted out,,I will get a heart attack and probably die young,,pity me,,

p/s: I think Gokey is really hot!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

disappoinment :(

owhh last nite american idol sgt2 menghampakan

alexis grace was eliminated.

oh my, never crossed my mind she will exiting this early.
this is the problem with reality tv show format.
i wasnt surprise if the judges use their judge's save twist to save alexis but apparently they didnt so i just take it for what it is.
i know, i know the judge's save twist is just to be used once for the entire season and they probably just think of save it till the last bit but h e l l o, it's not likely matt giraud or danny gokey will ever be in bottom 2. america lovvvee them!
The judge's save should be use on somebody who clearly got talent like alexis but didn't get enough votes from americans. She might not be able to make it to final, but she absolutely could go farther than this. As for the guys, most of them are secure, [even michael sarver,huh].

my early pick to win: matt giraud (owhh but i do adore danny gokey!!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The 1st step ever


ok, breathe in..breathe i'm about to break this news..
guess that i will start blogging again..starting!! yay!!
so here it goes..act i'm quit enthusiastic to start blogging..
yeah..for now..we'll just see how it goes for the next few months, shall we?

actually i've been leaving this precious blog for about 2 years!!
imagine the baby that grow up to 2 years old..dah besar kan!!
few years back, i started to try blogging while i'm still studying at uni.
my first try didn't succeed at here goes my second attempt..
i'm not so good at expressing my thoughts into writing, so basically i have no idea what to blog about,,but i guess lets just go with the flow first,,we'll figure out later on lah..